My Story

Please watch this short video depicting the life-changing event in Etta's life.

At first sight upon meeting the 5'7', lean and vibrant Etta McQueary, one would never believe that in January, 1999, the prognosis for her recovery from a near fatal motorcycle crash was dim. It is even more incredulous to imagine the health industry veteran had broken twenty bones in her lithe and athletic body, including all four limbs and a fractured skull. It is believable, however, to realize that because of her knowledge and expertise as a nutritional consultant and fitness trainer for over 25 years, Etta McQueary used what she had been teaching others in her Fit and Fabulous workshops to work on herself. She embarked on a successful physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey for healing and renewed balance in her own life--and continues to do so.

Etta undertook her first entrepreneurial endeavor as a personal development consultant while she was working on her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology from San Diego State University (1994). Immersing herself in the educational process, Etta continued her scholarly quest at SDSU as she went on to earn advanced degrees. With Master's Degrees in Public Health and Social Work (1997), Etta solidified her future in the health care field. She worked as a health information specialist for San Diego County and was lauded for her launching of Project TRAC (Targeted Reduction of Alcohol & Drug-Related Crashes). As program coordinator, she both hired and trained victims of drunk-driving crashes to work as public health speakers in her educational programs. Because of her acute marketing skills, a wide demographic of audiences from the military to high school students learned about the TRAC program. As a result, in 1998, she received The Finest Award in the area of research from the Health Care Communicators of San Diego for her outstanding work on Project TRAC.

Active in numerous women's organizations, Etta has served on the Boards of the San Diego Women in Health Administration and the Executive Women's Council of The University Club. She has supported the Foundation for Women, San Diego's Liberty Walk, a fundraising event for local domestic violence shelters, events that educate motorcyclists on riding safe, and many others.

Her entrepreneurial spirit continues to thrive in the wake of her personal crisis. Only ten months after the crash, Etta produced a video of her recovery process and a workshop to educate and inspire others to lead a healthy life. Her topics include Ten Tips for Creating Optimum Health, Living the Life You Deserve, and others you can find on her web site. Today, Etta shares her expertise in nutrition, fitness, and recovery to a wide demographic audience. She continues to work as a Medical Social Worker while pursuing her own business educating, consulting, and speaking.

Etta McQueary is the proud mother of two adult sons and a granddaughter. Her interests and passions are many, which include reading, dancing, and hiking in nature. She currently resides in San Diego with her beloved kitten, Buttons.

"Most lives have a beginning, a middle and an end," McQueary states peacefully. "However, in my case, I've had a beginning, a middle, an end to an old life, and a brand new beginning!"